How to bundle multiple soundcasts together for sale

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With Soundwise, you can not only sell and deliver individual audio programs (i.e. soundcasts), but you can also bundle different programs together for sale. Doing the latter can be an effective way to offer your customers a "volume discount" to incentivize purchase. 

Creating a bundle is extremely easy on Soundwise.

First of all, we assume that you've already got multiple soundcasts created and published. Otherwise you'd have nothing to include in your bundle. If you haven't created any individual soundcasts, please do that first. Here's a short guide to get you going.

After you have at least 2 individual soundcasts created, now you're ready to create a bundle!

Step 1

Navigate to the "Soundcasts" tab on your dashboard, and click on the "bundles" button.

Step 2

Click on the "Create New Bundle" button.

Step 3

On the bundle creation page, Enter all the required information, e.g. title, description, pricing, just like what you did when creating an individual soundcast. The only difference here is that you will be asked to select the soundcasts you want to include in the bundle.

Step 4

Save the page. And voila! You have just created your first audio bundle!

When your customers purchase a bundle, they will be getting all the individual soundcasts in the bundle. You can sell the bundle as a subscription or one time purchase, just like how you sell any other soundcasts.

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