How to submit your podcast feed to Apple Podcasts

Submitting your podcast feed to Apple Podcasts is a smart way to get your content across as many platforms as possible. Many podcast listening platforms rely on Apple as their "master copy" so, when you submit your feed to Apple, it will automatically show up on most of the other directories.

In this guide, we will show step-by-step how to get your podcast on Apple Podcasts. If you're interested in also submitting your feed to Spotify, head over to this guide to learn how.

To get started you will need an Apple ID.

Step 1 - Head over to Podcast Connect.

Head on over to Podcast Connect. You will arrive at this landing page. Enter your Apple ID login information.

Step 2 - Enter your podcast feed.

Once you've logged in the page should look something like this. Enter your feed in the URL.

Simply copy and paste your feed

Step 4 - Import

Apple will import all the metadata associated with your soundcast. If everything looks right, hit the Submit button on the top right hand of the screen.

Step 5 - Success!

Next Steps

Once you have submitted your feed, you will receive this confirmation message.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us:

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