How to set up affiliate tracking with promo codes

Do you know that you can use your soundcast’s promo codes and promo pages to track the sales from affiliates who help you sell your soundcast? This article will show you how to do exactly that.

Step 1

Create a unique Coupon Code for each of your affiliates. Even something like ‘CathytheCoolestAffiliate’ will work as long as you keep track of which code belongs to which affiliate.

Check this page if you’d like a refresher on how to create promo codes.

You can choose to set a Discount Percentage of anywhere from 0% (purely for the purpose of tracking affiliate purchases) to 100% (to give free access to your soundcast, while also tracking affiliates).

Step 2

Click on “Promo Landing Page” to get your affiliate's unique URL.

Your affiliate can choose to:

  1. Use their unique link (recommended)


  1. link to your soundcast’s regular landing page and give their audience their promo code to enter at checkout (more useful if there is a discount attached to the code).

You're one step closer to getting some new customers! (Step 2B: Celebrate your baby steps.)

Step 3

You can find your record of promo code usage if you navigate to ‘Publisher’ in the left sidebar, and then ‘Promotions’ in the tabs at the top.

For easier calculations and analyses, you can download your Promo Code Usage as a .CSV file by clicking on the little cloud in the top right corner.

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