Can I use Soundwise to sell my audio programs if I’m not located in the United States?

Pradeep Thapa Updated by Pradeep Thapa

You definitely can. There are multiple ways to sell audios on Soundwise.

1. Countries covered under Stripe

We can handle payments for publishers located in countries served by Stripe. We use Stripe to process payments on the backend. Stripe is available for businesses in limited countries - click here to see if Stripe is available in your country.

The Soundwise apps are available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store worldwide. You can set the pricing of your soundcast in any of the top 25 global currencies. If your sales are in a currency different from the currency of your bank account, your sales proceeds will be converted before being deposited into your bank.

2. Countries not covered under Stripe:

If a country is not covered, user needs to use their own payment method and integrate with us using either Signup form or Zapier.

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