How can I set up content dripping?

Soundwise allows you the option to share your soundcast with your audience by means of content dripping.

Step 1: Go to your Soundwise dashboard.

From your Soundwise dashboard, select the soundcast that you would like to set content dripping for. Click on the settings button located on the right side of the soundcast card. It looks like 3 vertical dots. Click Edit.

Step 2: Locate the Episode Dripping button.

Scroll down. The Episode Dripping settings are located right above the Other Settings panel.

Step 3: Open the Episode Dripping panel and adjust the settings.

Click on the Set up episode dripping button. The content dripping window will pop up.

From here, you can change the number of days to delay the release of your content to your listeners. At this time, you can only delay episodes by day. That means if you want to delay for a week, set the delay for 7 days.

The number of days that episode will be delayed begins from the time a user signs up, not from the time you publish the soundcast.

Step 6: Save.

Click Save once you have made your desired adjustments. Then click the Close button to exit the pop-up.

Step 7: Publish.

Don't forget to Publish your changes! Click on the orange button labeled Publish. Congratulations, you have set up content dripping!

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