How to link your soundcast subscriber list to your Mailchimp account

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If you use Mailchimp to manage your email contact lists, Soundwise allows you to automatically add your soundcast subscribers' email addresses to any email list in your Mailchimp account. This feature is currently available on all paid plans. The integration can be set up in two easy steps.

Step 1: Link your Mailchimp account

On your Soundwise dashboard, go to Publisher --> Integration tab. And choose "Mailchimp" under the "choose integration" options.

Enter your Mailchimp API key (You can get your API key from your Mailchimp dashboard following the "get your API key here" link):

Step 2: Connect your soundcast to a specific email list

Go to "Subscribers" tab on your dashboard. And click on "Connect Email List" button.

In the popup window that shows up, select the soundcast you want to connect with, and the specific Mailchimp email list you want to export subscriber email addresses to. 

If you want to send the subscribers' first names and/or last names to your email list, make sure you also specify the tags for those items used by your email list.

Finally, click on "Save". And you're all set! We will export all your existing soundcast subscribers to your Mailchimp account. And the emails of any new subscribers will be automatically added to Mailchimp as well. 

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