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How to link to multiple purchase options of a soundcast from your own website

If your soundcast pricing is set up for multiple payment options and you want to set multiple purchase options on your own website using "Checkout Form", you need to link multiple checkout forms on y…

Pradeep Thapa
Updated 3 years ago by Pradeep Thapa

How to give someone free access to your paid soundcast

Soundwise offers four different ways to grant free access to your paid soundcast: Email invite. Non-payment sign up form. Promo code. Using Zapier. Each one is a better fit for a different scenario.…

Keith Misael Tovar
Updated 2 years ago by Keith Misael Tovar

How to set up affiliate tracking with promo codes

Do you know that you can use your soundcast’s promo codes and promo pages to track the sales from affiliates who help you sell your soundcast? This article will show you how to do exactly that. Step…

Tammy Lam
Updated 2 years ago by Tammy Lam

How to create soundcasts categories for the publisher storefront?

Steps. 1. Create a category > Add soundcasts to category 2. Re-order category 3. Set a category as featured (the featured category will show up as the carousel in the hero section of your storefront…

Vaibhav Agrawal
Updated 2 years ago by Vaibhav Agrawal

How to purchase a soundcast

I f starting from the Soundwise mobile app in iOS. To purchase the soundcast using your apple device, please click on "Discover" option in Soundwise app >> Click on the soundcast you want to purchase…

Updated 2 years ago by Charis

How to create promo campaigns for your soundcasts

You can easily create promos and discounts for your audio programs on Soundwise. This is done through setting up promo codes and promo pages. For soundcasts that charge a one-time price, you can set…

Updated 2 years ago by Charis

How to integrate Soundwise into your existing online sales process

If you are already selling audio programs on your own website, and want to deliver your audios using Soundwise, or if you want to give your existing customers (who have already paid you) the option t…

Updated 2 years ago by Charis

How to bundle multiple soundcasts together for sale

With Soundwise, you can not only sell and deliver individual audio programs (i.e. soundcasts), but you can also bundle different programs together for sale. Doing the latter can be an effective way t…

Updated 2 years ago by Charis