How to move your existing podcasts hosted elsewhere to Soundwise

Switching the hosting of your existing podcasts to Soundwise is easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Initiate your RSS feed import. Begin on your Soundwise dashboard. Navigate to “Soundcasts” then “Conversions” and choose “RSS feed” in drop down menu. Finally, enter your RSS feed link, and follow the prompts to complete feed ownership validation. This will create a new soundcast within Soundwise from your old RSS feed, and import your podcast content.
  2. Create a new RSS feed. Once your audio import is complete, click on the “Edit” button from the “Soundcasts” tab on your dashboard. Next, on the soundcast edit page, scroll down to the “Create a podcast feed” option and be sure this feature is switched on to green. (Remember, you will only see this option after at least one free and public episode is published to this soundcast.) And don't forget to save!
  3. Get the feed. We'll send you an email with your RSS feed link. You can also find the link on the Soundcast edit page on your dashboard.
  4. Redirect. Now that you’re all set up, we recommend setting up a feed redirect from your old podcast host. This will redirect the feed request from your old RSS feed URL to the new one hosted on Soundwise.
  5. Update your feed link in podcast directories. If you have access to your Apple podcasts or Spotify dashboard, don’t forget to update these accounts with your new RSS feed link. Here’s how:
  • Select the appropriate show in “My Podcasts”
  • Enter your new RSS Feed URL and click “Save” then “Update” to validate your RSS feed.
  • Next, review and fix any validation warnings or errors, if applicable. Then, validate again.
  • Finally, click “Save” then “Update.”
  1. Remove your old RSS feed. To finish up, please delete the original feed import from your conversions. Navigate to “Soundcasts” then click “Conversions” and select “RSS feed” then delete the feed that is no longer in use. Failure to do this may result in duplicate episodes.

You’re all set. Now, get out there and create!

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