Publishing Podcasts

How to create a page for private track

Whether you are uploading a new track or sharing an existing track, you can now create a marketing page for each track. Here's how. Step 1 Start in your Soundwise dashboard. Click on the Tracks butto…


How to move your existing podcasts hosted elsewhere to Soundwise

Switching the hosting of your existing podcasts to Soundwise is easy! Here are the steps: Initiate your RSS feed import. Begin on your Soundwise dashboard. Navigate to “Soundcasts” then “Conversions”…


How to get more subscribers for your podcast on Soundwise

Unlike conventional, “one-way-street” podcasting, Soundwise allows you to finally get hold of your listeners and use your podcast to grow an interactive audience community. When listeners subscribe t…

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Should I let Soundwise submit my podcast feed or should I do it myself?

You are presented with two options when you first create a podcast feed: submitting the feed yourself or letting us submit the feed. Which is the best option for you? It's simple: if you are not comf…


How to submit your podcast feed to Apple Podcasts

Submitting your podcast feed to Apple Podcasts is a smart way to get your content across as many platforms as possible. Many podcast listening platforms rely on Apple as their "master copy" so, when…


How to submit your podcast feed to Spotify

In this guide, we will show step-by-step how to get your podcast on Spotify. If you're interested in also submitting your feed to Apple Podcasts head over to this guide to learn how. Step 1. Head ove…