Managing Content

How to manage display of social features, subscriber count, and listening count

Here are the instructions to disable likes, comments, subscriber counts and listening counts.


How to replicate tracks from one soundcast to another

To replicate tracks from one soundcast to another, navigate to the soundcast of your choice and click “Tracks.” Then, on the left hand side, select the check boxes for the tracks that you’d like to r…


How can I set up content dripping?

Soundwise allows you the option to share your soundcast with your audience by means of content dripping. Step 1: Go to your Soundwise dashboard. From your Soundwise dashboard, select the soundcast th…


How to enable and display ratings and reviews on your soundcasts

Generating ratings and reviews . By default, your soundcasts are set to allow ratings and reviews, but you can toggle this setting on and off. Simply go to the edit page for your soundcast and scroll…


How to change audio file on published soundcast tracks

Already published your track, but need to change the audio track? No worries! Editing audio on published tracks is easy. Simply head to your publisher dashboard and click “Edit” on the track of your…